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Repealing California’s Gas Tax

California’s $52 billion gas tax hike will cost the average California family $400 every year and do nothing to reduce congestion. Instead of sacrificing pet projects and using pre-existing funds to repair our bad roads, they hiked our taxes.

As your Senator, I will cast a vote to repeal the gas tax hike and vote for a plan to use the billions in surplus we already have to fund much-needed projects to improve our roads.

Protecting Proposition 13

The cornerstone of the California Dream is housing affordability. The key to housing affordability is Proposition 13, which keeps our property taxes at stable levels and ensures that middle class California families can continue to prosper in their homes.

Now, Proposition 13 is under constant attack by spend-happy Sacramento politicians. As your Senator, I will continue the fight to preserve the California Dream and protect Proposition 13 from those who want to raise your property taxes.

Protecting Our Families

Bad decisions from Sacramento have created a new crime wave in California. From prison realignment to Proposition 47 reclassification of felonies to misdemeanors, we are facing a rising crime rate across all communities. These policies have placed tremendous strain on local jails and law enforcement agencies.

The solutions to this ballooning crisis are straight-forward: we must reverse the damage done by Proposition 47 while vastly improving the resources provided to local law enforcement agencies to ensure they have the necessary support to keep our communities safe.

I will also help law enforcement solve more crimes by reinstating DNA collection of convicts. Also, I will fight for victims’ rights and keep our communities safe by outlawing the early release of child sex traffickers and predators.

We also must ensure our firefighters have the equipment and support they need to protect our homes and families.

Securing Our Water Supply

Our district is vast expanse of land, incorporating the farms the Central Valley with the foothill region, Death Valley and even Sacramento suburbs. A key to ensuring continued growth and prosperity from farms to families is water. Water restrictions and regulations from Washington and Sacramento have punished the very farms that feed us and employ our people. And after one of the wettest years on record – one which busted a longstanding drought – California did nothing to increase water storage to properly supply all corners of the state.

As your Senator, I will work to improve existing dams and waterways while building new facilities to ensure we capture the rain to provide for our families and farms.

Providing the Best Education Possible

As a teacher, I understand what it takes to make schools work and I strongly support education reforms that will allow our schools to provide the best possible education for all of our children.

In terms of higher education, we must make college more affordable to keep our students from falling into a lifetime in debt.

We also must reintroduce large scale vocational education and mentorship programs tied to these high-demand careers that require vocational training.

Boosting Our Economy

Our district is the home of California’s future, a place filled with tremendous potential to drive the Golden State to new heights. The fuel for that future is a strong economy. The perfect combination of private sector investment and a trained workforce will help deliver good-paying jobs and build the 21st Century economy we need.

As your Senator, I will work with job creators to help drive investment and opportunities to create these good-paying jobs that will revolutionize our economy.

Protecting our Kids and Seniors

As technology continues to evolve at a more rapid clip, we must be prepared to help preserve the privacy of our children and protect our senior citizens from fraud and abuse directed by far more sophisticated scammers.

As your Senator, I will work to strengthen our laws that protect senior citizens from new forms of consumer and medical fraudsters that constantly prey on them. I will also work to develop new policies tailored to increase privacy protections for our children as they embark in new, digital learning younger in life than generations before them.

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